Klamfoth, Inc. is very proud to stand behind our work and does everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction during and after installation. Please read and understand our guarantee so there are no questions about the responsibilities of Klamfoth, Inc. and the customer.

All guarantees below are valid only upon full payment of agreed contract. Once job is completed to contract/plan specifications, withholding payment for warranty items is not acceptable. Warranty items will not be addressed until payment in full is received.

Plant Material

Guaranteed to be living and vigorous at the time of installation. Plant material that dies within one year from installation date will be replaced at no cost. Replacements will be installed on a one time basis, based upon availability, seasonal conditions, and Klamfoth, Inc.’s scheduling. Substitutions will be agreed upon by both customer and Klamfoth, Inc. Plant material that dies due to improper care, i.e. poor watering, over fertilizing, improper pruning or maltreatment, will be void from guarantee.

Patios, Steps, Walls

Craftsmanship guaranteed for a period of one year from installation to be free from defects and construction failure. All installation will be done according to manufacturer material specifications. Exception for new build construction (two years or less): any soil settling or unstable subsoil condition which results in construction failure is not the responsibility of Klamfoth, Inc. Work done by other contractors after job completion that causes failure will not be the responsibility of Klamfoth, Inc. Manufacturer warranties apply within their limitations.

Annual Plantings

Guaranteed for a period of 24 hours from installation to be healthy and vigorous. Klamfoth, Inc. will water and fertilize annual plantings one time at initial planting but is not responsible for maintaining and watering beyond first 24 hour period. Any bed improvements (tilling, soil conditioners, bed leveling, etc.) will be charged in addition to cost of annual flats and installation.

Low Volt Lighting

Guaranteed to be in working condition upon completion of job. Manufacturer warranties will apply to the fixtures and transformers within their limitations.

Seeding/Hydro Seeding

This will be done so that complete soil coverage is achieved. Dry seed and hydro seed success depends heavily upon irrigation and Klamfoth, Inc. can not be held responsible for conditions that wash away or prevent seed germination after coverage is applied. Reapplication will be charged additionally.


Any damage to turf areas will be repaired through seeding or hydro seeding (cf). Turf repairs by sod will be an additional cost borne by the customer. Plants damaged will be pruned accordingly or replaced with a reasonable and available size matching removed plant.