Change Orders

A change order is necessary when changes to the scope of work or materials originally quoted in a contract are requested by either the client or contractor. These changes may result in a decrease or increase in the originally quoted amount and the change order form helps to define these alterations.

Typical fees associated with the change may be:

  • Increase/decrease in labor brought about by any changes and any lost labor hours brought about by the change
  • Changes to material type or quantity
  • Plant material addition/subtraction or species change
  • Restocking fees brought about by change order
  • Permit fees for any re-submittal caused by plan changes
  • Time spent for re-design or product selection outside of original planning

If a change in pricing is necessary a change order form will be submitted by the contractor to the client for approval, before any work relating to the alteration takes place. The approved amount will be added to the final billing and be subject to payment policy.