Holiday Lights – Terms & Conditions

Approval of contract, whether written, verbal or electronic implies understanding of these terms.

Installation and Service Call Scheduling:

Installations are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis upon receipt of customer approval. Weather conditions and safety factors will play a part in installation scheduling.

Service calls will be scheduled and prioritized based on current work load, weather conditions, and holiday and weekend schedules.

Service calls relating to, or caused by products not provided by Klamfoth, Inc. may result in an additional charge.

Product and Material:

Klamfoth, Inc. will provide all material needed for approved installation to include lights and strands, power cords, electrical accessories (splitters and zip plugs), clips, black outs, etc. Timers are provided at an additional charge.

Klamfoth will guarantee to keep material provided by us for installation in working order prior to installation and through the season. Any installation left up longer than typical seasonal display may be charged for any service call relating to product failure.

Material requested to be returned to a customer will be done so in an as is condition and scheduled based on current work load.

Any accounts that are inactive for more than three years from the date of last installation will have material reclaimed by Klamfoth, Inc.

Material that is special ordered for an installation that is cancelled by the customer prior to its install, will be billed accordingly.


Customer will be invoiced following installation with payment due upon receipt of invoice. Removal of lights will not commence until payment is received.

Non-payment will result in the reclaiming of all material associated with the installation. Klamfoth, Inc. reserves the right to enter any property grounds  in question for non-payment to reclaim material.